Virtualization Management

A faster and better way to manage virtual machines


The Netka Network Management Virtualization Management helps you monitor and manage several virtual machines in one console, plus trend analysis.

As business competition continues to rise, organizations are in need of technological solutions that allow them to deliver faster and better services while minimizing costs as much as possible. One option that can help achieve this is using Virtual Machines in place of computers. A Virtual Machine is a type of technology solution in which a computer’s CPU, hard disk and memory are emulated and replicated in a virtual space. Users can install operating systems on the virtual machines and operate them as they would regular computers. The solution allows companies to lower the cost and inconvenience of having to procure and maintain individual computers.

Virtual Machine technology can be used for internal operations within an organization or by companies that provide infrastructure as a service in terms of hardware such as storage, servers and network components. These organizations often have a large number of virtual machines with highly complex configurations that require management tools to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The Netka Network Management Virtualization Managementsoftware is a management tool add-on that works with VMware’s vCenter software, the most popular solution for controlling and Virtual Machines. The Netka Network Management Virtualization Management has capabilities for Fault Management,Performance Monitoring and Inventory management. It displays both the online and offline status of each virtual machine, including CPU, memory and hard disk, and shows the data on separate dashboards, giving administrators the ability to check the performance of each virtual machine in one display. In addition, it is possible to create user profiles and generate reports from the first day of record or specify the date on which to see the data. Administrators can check data logs according to previously configured Zone, Regions, and choose from different types of TopN reports to suit their needs.

With the Virtualization Management solution, you will gain the advantages of:

  • A centralized management tool: by using the Netka Network Management Virtualization Management add-on, you can monitor and manage several virtual machines in one console. The module helps administrators reduce their workload while managing their virtual machines with more accuracy and convenience.
  • Trend analysis information for preventive and usage planning: by using the Netka Network Management Virtualization Management reports, you can analyze the usage of resources by each virtual machine, for example, the CPU, memory and hard disk usage, configuration settings, and the installed operating systems. Using this data from trend analysis helps administrators in usage planning, resource allocation and the implementation of preventive measures.