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According to the Gartner reporting in December 2019, IT will be a key driver and may affect to the organization’s infrastructure and operation in 2020. One of them is IT Automation, which is a very important trend, Gartner advised. Every organization must be aware of and prepare to drive your company to digital transformation (DX) era.

Gartner’s Analysts said that in several years ago, most organizations want their IT department try to work with a focus on higher-value tasks, which are important to the organization or business. Rather than wasting time and effort on non-value work. Therefore, trend of IT systems to automate the certain tasks (or IT Automation) is a strategy that organizations must consider and find appropriate ways to apply in ally with the working policies as well as saving the IT operation cost must be considered.

NetkaView Network Manager X (NNMX) is able to support IT administrators for IT automation and can be adapted to the work processes of the organization. Whether it helps to respond and automate the tasks which the system administrators do not waste time or effort to operate it by themselves, such as;

(1) NNMX detects certain abnormalities of the server, the admin can specify the Correlation Rules in advance, so the system can repair itself (Self-remediation) immediately, such as restarting the server’s service.

(2) NNMX back up data immediately when an event occurs in accordance with trigger is set.

(3) NNMX to open the incident ticket to an IT service management system (ITSM such as NetkaQuartz) or an existing e-mail system for alert notification automatically, without performing by IT admin/staff during working hours.

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the company would continue to focus on expanding its current customer base for its core services while investing more – particularly in the expansion of the data centers – to prepare for growing customer demand for digital content consumption and other opportunities

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