UIH elevates broadband networks to meet global standards by using NetkaView Network Manager software

Currently, UIH has a broadband network of more than 60,000 kilometers covering service areas throughout Thailand, serving more than 3,000 corporate customers. Creating confidence in its services is paramount. With the company’s commitment to become a One Stop Service Solution provider specializing in premium quality offerings, UIH continues to develop its network to achieve global excellence.

Superior network standards, securing leader position
Col. Ruangsub Kovindha, Managing Director of United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH), said that the company’s mission is to become an integrated network service provider for government agencies and the private sector in Thailand under the One Stop Service Solution strategy. The “quality” of its networks and services is paramount – especially once the ASEAN Economic Community becomes a reality, as UIH will be ready to provide quality broadband network coverage to international companies.

UIH is Thailand’s first and only service provider – and one of 11 service providers in the Asia Pacific region – to receive MEF Carrier Ethernet (MEF CE) 2.0 certification. Its customers from both the public and private sectors across several industries, especially corporate clients with a presence in Thailand and abroad, will be able to develop new data communications and applications as the broadband network will support such innovations.

“The MEF CE 2.0 certification is a testament to our success in achieving the goal of providing broadband networks that meet world-class standards, and will facilitate the expansion of our current and future clients,” said Col. Ruangsub. “The certification is a significant milestone for UIH.”

Strengthening manpower and networks for future competition
Mr. Santi Methavikul, Senior Vice President of UIH, said that in order to become a leader in the industry, the company must prepare for future competition by strengthening its team of engineers and improving the quality of its networks to meet the standards set by MEF. The engineers at UIH have received the Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (CECP) certification from MEF, having passed stringent tests on carrier ethernet technology and network integration to ensure that their knowledge and expertise is on par with global standards.

Key requirements for the MEF CE 2.0 certification:

  1. Multiple-Classes of Service (Multi-CoS) that can support many types of applications such as data, voice and video without any loss of data or lag
  2. Management capability in the Operation, Administration and Maintenance areas, resulting in optimum network efficiency
  3. Interconnectivity to provide connections between the Service Provider and Global Ethernet Services

Having the above requirements as per the MEF CE 2.0 certification helps reduce operating costs and allows for a more convenient monitoring, analyzing and problem-solving ability that is centralized. Apart from reducing costs, networks that meet the CE 2.0 standards also have improved Service Level Agreement levels.

“At UIH, we place a huge importance on providing integrated services that meet world-class standards. The certification is part of our attempt to manage and maintain the networks to be at the most optimum quality for our clients. We are confident that the company will achieve a 10% growth in revenue this year,” Mr. Santi said.

NetkaView Network Manager: A solution for excellence
Apart from the certification, UIH also plans to improve its networks by using the NetkaView Network Manager software by Netka System to help provide superior services and maintain the trust of its customers.

Netka’s network management software’s monitoring ability has many outstanding features that are compatible with different brands of network infrastructure equipment, allowing UIH to continually expand its infrastructure simply by configuring the equipment and continuing the service within minutes.
Netka’s solution is extremely reliable and can facilitate network expansion without a glitch. The software’s applications and solutions support UIH’s network management perfectly as the software has a fast response time.

“At UIH, we use only the best products and services to maintain the superior quality of our offerings to our customers. Netka is a partner that also focuses on quality, with dedicated teams that are highly experienced and can solve problems effectively. We trust Netka to be our partner of choice to deliver premium services and provide customized solutions that address our customers’ specific needs,” concluded Mr. Santi.

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the company would continue to focus on expanding its current customer base for its core services while investing more – particularly in the expansion of the data centers – to prepare for growing customer demand for digital content consumption and other opportunities

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