Technology Alliances







Asentria Corporation

Asentria is an American company specializing in solutions for communication network monitoring, access and control of remote or unmanned communication equipment sites on a network. Their products help to reduce operating costs of the Network Operation Centers, as well as lower the risk of a loss of service. The solutions can be used in wireless or cable/DSL networks, and are applicable for a number of industries, including utilities, oil and gas, rail, highway, defense, high-frequency trading, and broadcasting.










Cisco System

Netka System partners with Cisco, global network technology company. The partnership will help Netka to provide solutions that able to support Cisco’s proprietary technologies. Our flagship product – NetkaView Network Manager – has been proven to support a number of Cisco-related functionalities and technologies, including NetFlow, IP SLA, MPLS, QoS, Q-in-Q, NBAR, and Application Visibility and Control (AVC). Also, we can develop features for further technologies in the future.






TM Forum

The TM Forum is a global, non-profit trade association focused on the communications industry. More than 900 organizations are members, including telephone companies, cable and network operators, software and equipment suppliers, and systems integrators.








Touch Technologies

Touch Technologies is a Thailand-based IT and telecommunications services solution provider. With a combined expertise in application development and telecommunications services, Touch Technologies brings innovative solutions to telecommunication, tourism, hospitality and service industries.