Solutions by Industry

Network Management Solutions for Multiple Industries

Our IT network management, server management and service desk solutions are customizable and are suitable for a diverse array of different industries.

ISP and Telecommunications

Helping telecommunications firms and ISPs manage networks that contain a diverse range of technologies and equipment.

Mobile Operator Solutions

An effective way for mobile operators to manage complex mobile networks in order to keep up with usage demands.

Government IT Software Solutions

Assisting government agencies with massive network infrastructures consisting of numerous pieces of equipment in order to serve the public effectively.

Datacenter Monitoring Software and Tools

An intelligent solution with unique features that were designed to meet the needs of data center customers with networks of all sizes.

Enterprise Network Management Tools

The Netka Solution helps raise the quality of the IT system and processes of large enterprises to be on par with international standards.

Cloud Networking Solutions and Tools

Solutions that feature a complete server management integration that create real business value for Cloud computing businesses.