PROEN Internet riding growth in digital content, expanding investments in data center and ICT services, eyeing revenue of 600 million baht

PROEN Internet is entering its 18th year. The Internet Service Provider sees the challenges presented by the influx of digital content as a golden opportunity to expand its investments based on its expertise and experience as one of Thailand’s first ISPs. PROEN Internet, which currently holding a 60% market share in the content streaming segment, is confident that it will be able to grow its business with systems integration services as one of its core revenue generators. The company forecasts its 2015 revenue to grow by as much as 50%, breaking the 600 million baht mark.

Mr.Kittipan Sribuaiam, Chief Executive Officer of Pro Image Engineering and Communication (PROEN), said the company would continue to focus on expanding its current customer base for its core services while investing more – particularly in the expansion of the data centers – to prepare for growing customer demand for digital content consumption and other opportunities. Over the past year, the company maxed-out its 1,000-square-meter capacity across four floors of CAT Telecom’s Bangrak branch. This year, it plans to rent an additional 2,000 square meters on the 18th floor of the same building.

Another one of PROEN’s core businesses is being an ISP. The company recently partnered with a media provider to launch for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, in which data is transmitted via high-speed fiber optic lines to the customer’s office building. The service will be officially launched in May this year. It is the company’s goal to provide a 100 MB/second bandwidth to office buildings situated in the service areas in the near future.

PROEN’s systems integration service has consistently grown over the past three years and is expected to become a major revenue generator for the company. This year, the company plans to invest in infrastructure, particularly in M&E (mechanical and electrical) to facilitate the demands from 3G service providers who continue to invest in building cell sites to expand service areas. The new infrastructure will also be compatible with 4G on the 2600 MGHZ bandwidth, which will require more than 10,000 cell sites to be constructed. PROEN recently signed on two mobile operators and is expecting a revenue of 300-400 million baht this year from these contracts. More revenue is also expected from other systems integration projects.

“PROEN was relatively unknown in the market, but partnering with other companies and leveraging on the knowhow that we have is a great starting point. That, coupled with expertise in this field, allows us to be able to take on a number of projects and spend less time on installation than our competitors.”
The company forecasts more than 600 million baht in revenue, an increase of more than 50% from the previous year, thanks to the fact that more than 90% of the company’s existing customer base in the core businesses will continue to use its services.

The driving force behind PROEN’s success is efficiency in all aspects of its operation, from human resources to internal IT systems. Its strength also lies in the proactive advice, as well as fast and effective solutions, the it gives to its customers, as well as the fact that it is able to handle its customers’ IT systems.
Mr. Kittipan adds that the success of the company is thanks in part to the fast transfer of information that allows it to efficiently provide services. The company’s investment in a network management solution by Netka System has proven to be a viable one, as the software allows PROEN to deliver superior quality services to its customers, resulting in maximum satisfaction.

The Netka solution allows the management team to receive accurate information in a timely manner. During PROEN’s expansion of its inter-country bandwidth infrastructure as an ISP, Netka’s software solution compiled data for PROEN’s Network Operation Center (NOC) team, who then passed on the analysis to the management team to use as part of their strategy and planning for future investments or improvements to facilitate usage demands from its customers.

“Netka not only supports PROEN’s network management, but also is an important factor behind the successful services PROEN provides to our customers and their IT systems,” Mr. Kittipan said. “Using Netka’s software as a tool for our network management – especially for our IDC and ISP services – is extremely beneficial for our operations. We are able to receive and analyze thorough and accurate data. Before, we would receive only small parts of information that would be sent to different teams. The lack of a centralized data mechanism meant we were not able to see the big picture. Now with Netka’s solution, all of our teams have access to the same data, they are able to see the singular big picture and can exchange ideas more effectively. F

or example, in increasing bandwidth for a customer to deliver a better usage experience, both the sales team and the network engineers use the same data to decide on the best solutions for the customer. Also for management, planning for new investments is a breeze, thanks to the availability of the data.”
PROEN currently uses two modules of the NetkaView Network Manager: NetFlow and Network Monitoring. As PROEN offers tailor-made services for its customers, the in-depth data provided by the Netka solution allows the team to customize solutions that fit with each client’s specific needs, sometimes even before the customers realize they need these services to enhance their operation.

PROEN also focuses on developing new services on top of the existing ones, in order to grow its customer base. A research and development team works on new service innovations, while the company also pursues partnerships with firms that offer management tools in order to offer add-on services to its customers.
Mr. Kittipan looks at the challenges in the IT industry over the next one to two years as a golden opportunity for PROEN to expand its business. The company has been planning for the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community by providing consulting services and designing IT networks for providers in neighboring countries, using Netka software. From its ventures abroad, PROEN sees that the demand for cross-country digital content consumption is continually on the rise. As a result, the company plans to invest in a data center in Rayong province to prepare for the growth in usage from the industrial community in the eastern region of Thailand, as the eastern seaboard is seen as a significant connection point for the AEC. The Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) underwater network infrastructure project will also have its main onshore hub in Rayong province.


Credit by e-Leader No.314 ,April 2015

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