Aggressive demands in mobile networks need effective network analysis and network tool

Netka offers state-of-the-art network analysis and network monitor tool offering capabilities for standard protocols, centralizing network management in one system. At the heart of the mobile operator business lies vast cellular networks, typically covering massive areas of a country and aggressive speed required like 5G.

NetkaView Network Manager X offers capabilities for standard protocols including SNMP, Telnet, SSH and ICMP, thereby centralizing network analysis and network tool in one system. Further enhancing convenience for the network operators are the One-dashboard monitoring feature, and the capability to manage the network via a smart phone. The feature allows operators to easily monitor networks from anywhere and at any time, and helps ensure that technical glitches are detected and rectified quickly

An effective way to manage complex mobile networks to keep up with usage demands

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the company would continue to focus on expanding its current customer base for its core services while investing more – particularly in the expansion of the data centers – to prepare for growing customer demand for digital content consumption and other opportunities

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