NetkaView Server Manager

Server monitoring tools that allow you to manage your servers anywhere, anytime.

server performance monitoring tools

The NetkaView Server Manager software delivers a comprehensive server and application management function that was built to work perfectly with the NetkaView Network Manager software and the NetkaQuartz Service Desk.

Following the immense success of the NetkaView Network Manager, a system management platform trusted by top local and international clients, Netka System was determined to develop an IT Management solution with fully integrated network and system management functionalities. The result is NetkaView Server Manager – a server monitoring and management platform that was designed to work seamlessly with the NetkaView Network Manager and the NetkaQuartz Service Desk.

The NetkaView Server Manager provides fault management, and performance management for your servers, workstations, personal computers with robust and fast responsiveness. You can access to manage your servers via web browser from anywhere. All data will be recorded in RDBMS. The NetkaView Server Manager can manage various operating systems e.g. Windows, Solaris or Linux. You can know host information, CPU/Memory/Virtual Memory/Disk/Process utilization, availability, installed software, running software/process, windows service status and NIC or interface utilization. With various TopN reports, you can know which hosts are overload.

Never worry about your server status when you are away. The NetkaView Server Manager can send SMS or email alerts to notify you about your server status. You will know when host or interface status change from up to down or change from down to up. You will know when CPU/ memory/ disk/ interface utilization overload. You will know when CPU/ memory/ disk/ interface utilization back to normal. The NetkaView Server Manager provides various web portals. You can tailor web site to fit for each user level and their privilege. You can define which web page each user level can access. You can limit privilege to each operator to manage only their hosts based on network and geographic.

The NetkaView Network Manager Software can integrate with the NetkaView Server Manager by using single sign-on. You can drill down to see CPU/ memory/ disk/ process utilization of the server or PC which connect to any switch port.

Features of the NetkaView server performance monitoring tool

Server Status and Utilization

NetkaView Server Manager delivers comprehensive server and application management function. user able to view the connectivity, status, CPU and memory utilization, virtual memory utilization, disk size, disk utilization, partition arrangement, traffic utilization and availability.

  • Host information (hardware, OS)
  • Host status and availability
  • CPU utilization (every core and overall)
  • Memory utilization
  • Virtual memory utilization
  • Swap space utilization
  • Disk utilization
  • Partition (File System) utilization

Application Manager

Application manager enhanced the vision of server management function by looking into what application is running and installed in the target machine.

  • Installed software list by host
  • Running software list by host


The general fault management function in NetkaView Server Manager (NSM) notify for the defect that might occur in machine environment, the notification support both threshold alarm and normal malfunction alert.

  • Alarm thresholds
  • Alert via SMS and email

Web Access Interface

With easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, administrator can specify the privilege to see report and access to management data for each user. The available privilege is specified by region, province, building or network.

  • Web portal by user level (privilege)
  • Web portal by network
  • Web portal by geographic (e.g. region, province, building)


NetkaView Server Manager (NSM) includes the wide-variety of report in all server management aspect. For instance, summary report, TopN report, availability report, utilization report, status report and status change log.

  • Interface status and availability
  • Interface traffic, error, discard rate and packet
  • TopN reports
  • Various export format (pdf, Word, Excel)
  • Grouping or filtering by hostname, host product, host type
  • Host summary report (Utilization/Availability/Status Change Log) in one report
  • Interface summary report (Utilization/Availability/Status Change Log) in one report
  • Historical data (in Database)

Fault Management

This proactive monitoring and response feature sends alerts via SMS or e-mail anytime unusual or risky activity takes place. This is useful for alerting support staff about situations such as when CPU utilization or bandwidth levels are unusually high or low. With this feature, the right person can be contacted immediately when a threshold is reached, thus lowering the possibility of faults to the server infrastructure.

Performance Management and server health monitoring

This provides overview monitoring capabilities and full functionality for remotely managing servers, workstations and personal computers. It is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Solaris, can support protocols including SNMP, WMI, ICMP, works with VMware and Vcenter virtualization platforms, and supports Oracle, MS SQL and My SQL databases.

Other Features of the NetkaView server monitor

With the NetkaView Server Manager, users can easily manage the entire server infrastructure using a web-based dashboard. Agentless installation allows for greater convenience by allowing you to avoid the complication of having to manually perform software installations and updates on every client.

Apart from the fast and easy installation and the improvements gained in time and cost management, the efficiency of system and server management is maximized when NetkaView Server Manager is used in conjunction with the NetkaView Network Manager. For example, in the event of an e-mail server failure, the NetkaView Network Manager will automatically send a notification to the NetkaQuartz Service Desk, which will then immediately send a message to the NetkaView Server Manager and alert related personnel. This is all accomplished without having to wait for an agent to inspect the system and open a case, thus leading to a faster resolution time.

NetkaView Server Manager Software is accessible via a convenient Web portal that can be customized according to user group, geography and network, making system management a breeze. In addition, the software can accurately identify the root causes of technical glitches thanks to its Correlate Event feature. For example, an email server failure, a non-functioning UPS and an incomplete process may all share the same root cause – an electrical blackout. NetkaView Server Manager can immediately initiate the system to kill the service, so that faults and downtimes stemming from the same root cause can be minimized. The system also has the capability to generate TopN and Crystal business intelligence reports, and can export the reports in pdf, MS Word and MS Excel formats.

Our commitment to develop the NetkaView Server Manager as part of a full IT Management solution has been recognized by prestigious clients such as TOT and CAT.