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An effective helpdesk ticketing system software that was designed in keeping with ITIL best practice standards for IT service delivery.

In an era of borderless business competition, it is imperative for an organization to maximize its business capacity to stay ahead of the pack. Adopting internationally accepted standards such as ISO 9000 or Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices will help companies raise the standards of operation management and improve the quality of their IT services.

Netka fully realizes the need for public and private organizations to raise their IT standards and has developed the NetkaQuartz Service Desk to address such a need. The solution offers Web-based IT service management suitable for help desks and call centers, either for companies providing in-house IT support or those who specialize in providing IT support outsourcing services.

The NetkaQuartz Service Desk helps companies realize timely and efficient solutions to IT problems, leading to effective cost management and time-saving capabilities.

Features of the Service Desk software

  • Skills Matching: When a problem occurs, the system can immediately assign and dispatch personnel with the correct skill set to solve the issue.
  • Knowledge Database: The system records previous problems and solutions into a knowledge database. This helps IT support staff to solve issues easily by giving them quick access to a library of documented solutions. This also provides assurance that employees’ knowledge will not be lost if they are no longer with the company.
  • Configuration Management Functionality: Similar to inventory management in accounting, the Configuration Management functionality performs checks on the health and availability of the equipment and assets that make up the IT infrastructure, helping to minimizing the chance that equipment is damaged or lost.
  • Change Management Functionality: The system assists in the analyzing and planning for when a change of equipment or configuration within the IT infrastructure is necessary. This feature facilitates thorough planning for changes so that the impact on the network is minimal and the costs and implementation timeline are kept low. It can also work in conjunction with an organization’s Change Advisory Board. In addition, the system has a Risk Management function in case the implementation does not go according to plan. With this feature, it is possible to quickly bring back the original system configuration, thus avoiding any disastrous impact on your business in the event that changes to the system cause adverse effects.
  • Pending Reports: Often in the IT services business, customer involvement is necessary in order to solve a problem or fulfill a service. Thus, if customers are unable or unwilling to cooperate, financial losses can occur for the IT service provider for breaches of the Service Level Agreement. This is where the Pending Report functionality comes in. This feature helps to prevent such losses with the touch of a finger, by allowing you to immediately stop the clock when the customer is unable to honor the appointment. The time will be erased from the ticketing system, preventing any losses that can occur due to the end-user’s failure to respond. This also allows your company to manage your time more efficiently.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal: This feature offers a value-added service in which users and customers can raise tickets and monitor the resolution status via a web page. This also provides the functionality of a scalable knowledge database in which end-users can search through solutions for common issues and previously solved problems. This provides users with a convenient way to quickly solve minor issues while also freeing up resources within the IT support team.
  • Employee Portal: This provides a platform in which IT service consultants and operational-level staff can gain easy access to their own and their colleagues’ support tickets, in order to improve communication and ensure that no time is wasted due to multiple staff members working on the same ticket.

Other Features of the NetkaQuartz Service Desk ticketing software

In addition to the above features, NetkaQuartz Service Desk also offers many other features that will help maximize your company’s service capability. These include: the Access Management feature, which automatically logs every user’s access; the Service Desk Dashboard feature, which allows support staff to see an overview on a single page of all ticket statuses; and the Web Privilege feature, which allows for the creation of authorization levels and viewing access privileges for different user groups.

The NetkaQuartz Service Desk functionality and features are based on ITIL standards, namely the processes of Incident Management, Service Level Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Configuration Management. It will raise your service efficiency and processes to be on par with international standards and is a one-time investment without further costs for future expansions. The software can accommodate an unlimited number of users in terms of Web sessions, Requesters, Call Center staff and Technicians.

Currently, the NetkaQuartz Service Desk is used in Thailand by large-scale service providers, government agencies and companies, including Symphony Communication, TOT, the Thai Ministry of Information & Communication Technology, internet provider Jastel and bookstore chain Nai-In.

Designed for ITIL Processes

The NetkaQuartz Service Desk was designed in keeping with ITIL best practice standards for IT service delivery.

ITIL Incident Management

Incident tickets are timestamped and easily tracked during each step of the incident management process, from when a ticket is raised, to when it is assigned to a technician, and finally to incident closure, evaluation and documentation. The platform is also able to automatically notify all concerned parties during any status changes throughout the ticketing process.

ITIL Service Level Management

The software includes features that help your company remain in compliance of the Service Level Agreements with your customers. It can be set to record times in terms of normal operating business hours as well as 24×7 support. These features allow for easy monitoring of SLA levels as well as escalation if an SLA is in danger of being breached.

ITIL Knowledge Management

A Knowledge Database allows your Service Desk staff and technicians to easily reference previous problems and solutions. This helps IT support staff to solve issues easily by giving them quick access to a library of documented solutions. This also provides assurance that employees’ knowledge will not be lost if they are no longer with the company.

ITIL Configuration Management

These features help your staff perform checks on the health, availability and usage of the equipment and assets that make up the IT infrastructure. This helps to minimizing the chance that equipment is damaged or lost.


The platform comes fully-loaded with many reports that display incidents, change requests and service delivery information in graphs and tables, allowing for easy analysis. Some of these reports include: Case Summary, SLA Evaluation, SLA Performance and Customer Satisfaction. The NetkaQuartz® Service Desk also comes with one license for Crystal Report software, which allows you to create your own customized reports and edit existing reports with a GUI tool.

Web Portal

The NetkaQuartz Service Desk is operated via a web-based portal with service features that are accessible for all key parties, from call center operators and service technicians to engineers and managers. Authorization levels are available to ensure that users are only able to see information that is pertinent to their role and case. Also, because it is web-based, the portal can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Customers have the ability to open a ticket and monitor the resolution status via an online self-service portal. The system automatically sends SMS or e-mail notifications to the customer at all major milestones, from when a ticket is raised to when customer action is required, and through to when the problem is resolved. This function allows for easy communication between technical consultants and customers throughout the servicing process.

Key Advantages of the NetkaQuartz customer support software

  • Better manage the entire lifecycle of incident requests, change request service request and escalations according to SLAs
  • Reduced resolution times, leading to lower TCO with a fast ROI
  • Improved service quality and customer/user satisfaction
  • Easily evaluate customer SLAs and resource KPIs
  • Less lost knowledge caused from resource turnover
  • Increased first-call resolution rate by accessing workaround solutions logged in the Knowledge Database
  • Unlimited user/web session access, number of call agents, technicians and requesters (customers)
  • Branding with your company logo