Netka Announces New, Ambitious Goals

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Mr. Charnchai Jiam choatpattanakul, CEO of Netka System Company Limited, has announced the company’s goal in 2016 is to become a Carrier-Grade management software solution company that is trusted by leading service providers. In order to achieve this, Netka has devised a four-pronged strategy to help it meet the growing demand for IT management and network equipment software solutions. Netka anticipates a 30 percent rise in demand, thanks to the growth of the telecommunications industry in Thailand as a result of two recently held mobile network frequency auctions. This presents a fantastic opportunity for a Thai software solutions provider to compete with global counterparts by offering quality software at more affordable prices.

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Adjustments in Netka’s business directions will include adding to its offering of software solutions. To date, the company has focused largely on network management software targeted at service providers, which has made Netka the only Thai company that can compete with other leading global firms in a significant way, with an 80% market share in Thailand. While Netka will continue to strive to dominate the market and expand its customer base with the new players in the mobile network industry in 2016, the company will also dedicate its efforts to developing NetkaView Network Manager, intelligent network management software solutions that are capable of managing both servers and networks, making it possible to penetrate larger organizations that need to manage both the server and the network simultaneously. In addition, Netka has developed a new Deep Inspection Package solution capable of providing in-depth inspections and analysis of network traffic.

“There is high demand by large enterprises in Thailand for the two types of software,” Mr. Charnchai added. “Even though server management software solutions are available, combining that capability with network management software that is trusted by service providers and mobile operators will ultimately provide maximum benefits to end-users. Netka offers highly flexible and competitive prices for these solutions, and we are confident that we will be able to add large enterprises to our expanding list of customers next year.”

In addition, 2016 will mark another significant milestone in Netka’s international expansion. The company has submitted its solutions for several IT awards and has won recognition at home and abroad. So far, several international partners have expressed an interest in working with Netka. In order to succeed in penetrating international markets, a team of experienced experts is required. This is why Netka is adjusting its organizational structure in preparation for market expansion and is negotiating with strategic partners that will complement its strengths. The goal next year is to expand into Vietnam and Indonesia, while also preparing to tackle Myanmar in the near future.

A crucial step in gaining international acceptance was the achievement of ITIL service management best practice certification of NetkaQuartz Service Desk which certified ITIL certification at the end of 2015, becoming the first software company in ASEAN and only the third in Asia to do so. The ITIL certification will greatly help with Netka’s business in Thailand and abroad, as it has been found that efficient IT services can help companies reduce operating expenses by as much as 48 percent.

Another significant change on the horizon is a new distribution method, which will see Netka move away from selling software solutions on a per-project basis and entering into direct partnerships with our customers, to appointing at least one distributor in the upcoming year. Each distributor will be assigned dedicated markets, while Netka will channel its efforts toward research and development for new solutions, and focusing on international markets. By offering the software solutions through distributors, Netka’s software will become more widely used, rather than a niche product that appeals only to specific groups.