Mobile Operator

An effective way to manage complex mobile networks to keep up with usage demands

Netka offers state-of-the-art network management system that offers capabilities for standard protocols, centralizing network management in one system.

At the heart of the mobile operator business lies vast cellular networks, typically covering massive areas of a country. These networks operate on countless pieces of cellular equipment that are made by different manufacturers and often have many functions built in, such as a subscribers management system, an inter-network connection system, and an internet system.

This diverse range of equipment with different features is meant to enhance services to the subscribers. However, the complexity of these mobile networks means that mobile operators require a trusted way to manage network traffic efficiently in order to keep up with customer usage demands. That’s where Netka’s solution comes in.

Our state-of-the-art network management system offers capabilities for standard protocols including SNMP, Telnet, SSH and ICMP, thereby centralizing network management in one system. Further enhancing convenience for the network operators are the One-dashboard monitoring feature, and the capability to manage the network via a smart phone using the iOS Module. This feature allows operators to easily monitor networks from anywhere and at any time, and helps ensure that technical glitches are detected and rectified quickly.

In addition, the Netka Solution offers subscriber analytics thanks to the Netflow Module. This allows administrators to monitor Network traffic in real time, providing insight into customer needs by showing data such as the websites visited most frequently and the applications most often used. The data generated gives you an opportunity to design and offer services that will further enhance your customers’ satisfaction and better facilitate their needs.

The Netka Solution is equipped with the QoS Module that prioritizes traffic statistics for each application on the network, allowing operators to give priority to voice over data or vice versa.

Managing a vast cellular operation requires an efficient and sophisticated network management system capable of handling the complexity of a large-scale network. Having such a network management system gives you the power to promptly fix technical glitches that would otherwise negatively affect customer satisfaction, thus ultimately increasing your competitive edge in the market. Being able to gain an insight into your customers’ needs from analyzing their mobile usage is also a major business advantage that will help you to improve your services and offer new and innovative features that will keep your business competitive.