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Manage your network via smart phone at your fingertips


Netka’s mobile app for smartphones gives administrators the power to monitor networks and locate problems anytime, anywhere.

As part of network management, it is necessary for administrators to monitor the system 24/7, as there are many devices and equipment that are spread out over a large area. If an administrator is off-site and an incident occurs, it is impossible to know where the root of the problem resides. This can result in negative impacts to the system, lower customer satisfaction and high labor costs.

However, with the advent of mobile technology, this scenario no longer has to be the case. In today’s high-tech world, mobile devices are changing the way we live, communicate and conduct business. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and everyone is able to access the internet anytime, anywhere, and this includes having the ability to monitor a network remotely.

Netka’s mobile app gives administrators the power to monitor networks and locate problems anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days when monitoring a network requires administrators to be on-site. Now, with Netka’s new mobile apps, the ability to oversee a network is simply at your fingertips.

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Key Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing prompt service and solving problems more quickly
  • Cost savings due to improved service speeds, leading to better service performance without increasing man power
  • Enhanced convenience, ease-of-use and flexibility for engineers and help desk consultants

Key Features

NetkaView Network Manager Mobile app

  • Network Map: Helps solve problems quickly by showing real-time status nodes with accurate locations. Users are able to monitor a network with a geographical map interface and drill-down features that show the status of network devices and interfaces, the health of equipment, and event alarms
  • Event Viewer: Allows users to monitor alarms and alerts from nodes. This is displayed as nodes up/down, which is useful in quickly detecting problems in the network
  • Availability: With this feature administrators can check the network health by monitoring which nodes are available for use and healthy, and which ones can work through 24 hours
  • Application Usage: This allows you to see which applications are consuming the most bandwidth and traffic, which can help in future network planning
  • Traffic Utilization: This displays the overall network traffic, which is useful for determining whether traffic is nearing bandwidth capacity
  • VLAN Status: This allows users to monitor VLAN interfaces (up/down), and check whether VLAN is available, as well as whether traffic can flow through VLAN connections
  • Sub-interface Status: This feature shows the status of sub-interfaces, including whether sub-interfaces are up/down and whether they are available, as well as how much bandwidth sub-interfaces are consuming
  • Tunnel Status: This allows the administrator to monitor the IP tunnel bandwidth, which can assist in network planning
  • Top Usage : This helps in preventive monitoring by providing TopN reports with detailed data about CPU, memory, traffic, errors, discards, and applications
  • Top Application Delay: This feature helps administrators analyze application delays and pinpoint the source of the problem

NetkaView Server Manager Mobile app

  • Event Viewer: This feature relays alerts and alarms from servers when there is a fault, when a server goes down, or when an application is paused. This helps administrators to quickly detect a server problem in the network
  • Availability: This allows users to monitor server health by showing which server or hard disk is available for installing an application, and which server is available for use
  • Traffic Utilization: This monitors the internet traffic bandwidth through servers and shows how much is being consumed. This data can help administrators in the task of network planning.
  • Top Usage: This feature monitors server CPU, memory, traffic, errors, and discards to see whether any levels are above the threshold.

NetkaQuartz Service Desk Mobile app – for Mobile Service Management

    Incident dashboard

  • Assign and Transfer engineer – This makes it easier for the help desk to assign and transfer cases via mobile alerts to available engineers
  • Resolve and Resolution – This allows engineers to update statuses and resolution details after resolving a case
  • Change case status
  • Add work logs
  • Upload and download attach files
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Integration with knowledge management function

  • Create new knowledge articles
  • Add comments and reviews
  • View ticket information
  • Calendar

  • With this feature, service desk workers and engineers can easily create and edit appointments remotely, and can receive alerts by email and SMS