Government Sector

Government network solutions for the management of massive and complex country-wide networks

The Netka Network Management solution helps government agencies to monitor massive networks that span an entire country.

Government administrations often require massive network infrastructures consisting of numerous pieces of equipment in order to serve the public effectively, on both the national and local levels. The management of such networks is a daunting and complicated undertaking. When a technical glitch or problem occurs, it can lead to a series of problems that affect the entire network. Without a solution in place to detect, report and properly manage the network, services could potentially be interrupted and the connectivity between the federal government and local administration could be in jeopardy.

These problems can be avoided with the Netka Network Management solution, featuring the Live-Visio Module that allows administrators to monitor the network and oversee the operation of all connected devices in real time.

The Netka solution was designed keeping in mind ease of use and convenience for network operators. The centralized management system displays the entire network operation on a single page, known as the One-dashboard. The Google Custom Maps Module allows network operators to quickly pinpoint the location of each piece of network equipment, while the Diagram Auto feature generates network diagrams automatically, making it more convenient for operators.

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