Private Enterprise

Enterprise network monitoring tools for an intelligent network management solution

Netka’s enterprise network monitoring and management tools help the IT system and processes of large companies and organizations to be on par with international standards.

Within network enterprises, the roles of network systems are to support and enhance business operations, the efficiency of the employees, the services offered to the customers, and cost effectiveness. The Netka Solution was developed to answer all of these business needs and more, under the “Intelligent Network Management” concept.

Netka’s enterprise network monitoring software solution offers many features to support enterprise IT landscapes, including the Service Desk Dashboard feature, which displays the entire system on one screen; the Employee Portal feature, which allows for monitoring of every network operator’s status; the Skill Matching feature, which ensures that the right operator is assigned to the correct problem; the Customer Self-Service Portal feature, which allows for the operator’s service to be tracked via a Web-based portal; and the Satisfaction Survey Module, which allows customers to rate the services via a smart phone.

With these features and more, the Netka Solution is perfect for your enterprise. It will significantly enhance your business operations and your service offerings, raising your enterprise’s IT system and processes to be in line with ITIL and ISO 20000 best practice, and on par with international standards.