Diagram and Dashboard

Gain a better view of your network with mapping tools and automatic network scanner features

NetkaView Network Manager software is equipped with interactive tools including a Topology Map, Heat Map, Custom Map, Visio Diagram, Google Map and a central dashboard that help administrators locate network problems accurately and efficiently.

The ability to accurately locate faulty network equipment helps network administrators determine the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly. A prime advantage of using NetkaView Network Manager for monitoring a network and quickly locating problems are the multiple diagram views. First, NNM has a view that shows a network topology diagram. This diagram is created automatically by the NNM system, thus reducing efforts by the administrator staff. The NNM system also displays a diagram view based on a network design created using Microsoft Visio. The visio network diagram option combines the NNM’s powerful back-end capabilities with a pleasing Visio representation of your network that is interactive and color-coded. Also, to easily monitor networks in multiple locations, NNM has a view that is integrated with Google Maps, which allows you to pan to different network sites and zoom in to check for problems. Finally, administrators are also able to create customized maps of network locations, such building designs and rack set-ups for data centers. When the NNM system detects a problem, a notification is sent to administrators, who can then easily locate the issue with these diagram views. Using these diagram views also helps administrators to monitor the network and search for and fix problem areas proactively, thus ensuring that data is always flowing smoothly.


Custom Maps

Create interactive custom diagrams by uploading a map, blueprint, floor plan and rack layout into the system

Interactive Visio Diagrams

Turn your Microsoft Visio network diagrams to life with full interactivity and live status readings of network equipment

Dashboard Views

Provides a a complete overview of the network and accompanying data in an interface that is easy to view and understand