Data Centers

An intelligent solution to help data center service providers effectively manage large-scale networks

The Netka Solution offers unique features that meet the needs of data center customers.

Data Center services have become crucial for 21st century business operations, especially for the purpose of storing digital data. The role of a Data Center is not merely computer equipment storage, but also for ensuring the entire IT network is stable so that services for customers and business operations can run smoothly. Therefore, Data Center service providers must be able to offer solutions for large-scale networks comprised of computer, network and data backup equipment, and effectively managing these systems is a top priority.

The Netka Solution offers a Data Center management system that includes unique features to meet the needs of data center customers. These features give tenants access to useful information such as the status of the equipment, the workload, the CPU usage and uptime, the temperature and humidity levels in the facility, the memory usage and load, the available HDD space, and the traffic. The information and alerts notify the tenants of any problems that may occur before a service disruption or a system shut down.

The Netka Solution features the Netflow Module, which compiles statistical information of the Data Center and provides tenants with the ability to see details about network operations. Network traffic statistics can also be used by the tenants for analytical purposes, as well as determining future service improvements. The Site Environment Module regulates the temperature and humidity levels, the lighting system, and the air conditioning within the facility to be at a suitable level at all times.

The Netka Solution also comes with a centralized management system that collects statistical data on the server status and software functioning, and can send notifications via e-mail or SMS when a problem occurs, thereby allowing network operators to fix the problem in a timely manner. The Custom Map feature pinpoints network problems as they occurs in real-time. The solution also features the agentless installation function, which allows for a more convenient and efficient method for network expansions or program installations.