Company Overview

Netka Company Network Management System

Netka System provides Intelligent Network Management System solutions. Our range of software product includes network management, server management and service management for enhancing customers’ business competitiveness.

The Company was founded in 2005 and has successfully built and deployed a leading edge solutions and services in carrier-and-enterprise-grade network management system software. Our research and development team focuses on ensuring our products have high functionality, availability and reliability, as these are our core solution values.

In a very short span of the past few years we have gained the trust of 80% of the Telecommunication and Internet service provider segment in Thailand with several marquee customers; Government and Enterprise sectors that are actively using our solutions. The company has also expanded overseas with a customer base extending to Indonesia and Singapore. Together with high performance solutions, competitive pricing, emphasizing on usability and customer satisfaction and a strong R&D and support team, Netka is now firmly poised as a leader in Network Management Solutions across the APAC region.

With experienced, specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we provide innovative solutions to meet the communication needs of our customers. We have successfully led the design and installation of sophisticated IP Networks and Network Management System Solution for leading public and private enterprises in Thailand. This also means our resources on staff have experience in implementing network solutions on a massive scale.