NetkaView Network Manager: See all problems, solve all problems

Due to the rapid growth in technology, networks are becoming increasingly complex. Having an effective network management system in place is, therefore, of the utmost importance, as it helps to ensure the network operates smoothly and efficiently, with an uninterrupted user experience. A network management system helps administrators keep abreast of any glitches that occur within the system, analyze problems and resolve them in a timely manner.

The NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) software helps network administrators to effectively manage their network thanks to these six key features:

Problem Identification

When a problem occurs within the network, accurately identifying the problem area is crucial in resolving the error quickly and effectively. To help network managers identify problems, the NNM software features tools including the Network Diagram (available in both Topology and Visio Diagrams formats). These tools help to locate the problems, provide information about related equipment connections, and offer drill-down details of the affected equipment, such as vendor and model, to help engineers fix the problems more quickly. In addition, the software features custom maps and tools such as GIS Map, as well as several types of dashboards to simplify the process of locating problems.

Real-time monitoring

To get a clear picture of where problems are occurring and stop them fast, real-time monitoring is crucial. This allows network managers to be on top of the problems that could occur anywhere within the network 24/7. The NNM software monitors the network traffic and equipment and displays the data via a dashboard or executive view. In addition, the software features tools that allow administrators to set rules for event correlation to help detect issues that might be the cause of a bigger problem within the network. The NNM software also has an alert notification feature that sends SMS messages and emails to managers and engineers, resulting in faster and more efficient problem solving.


NNM features tools that analyze the causes of problems and suggest resolutions to prevent further damage to the system. Information is displayed about the root cause of the problem and analyzes user behavior through:

  • The NNM-NetFlow: An analytical tool for the operation of the system in the network layer or transport layer. Performing a flow analysis through the NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow, cFlow and NBAR allows the network manager to see the operation of all applications, protocols and ports, enabling them to analyze the network link and bandwidth consumption, usage by application, and usage by IP or AS level. The information from the analysis can then be used for traffic engineering.
  • The NNM-Application and Network Analysis (ANA): A tool that pinpoints problems down to the Application Layer. The ANA works with Cisco’s Application Visibility and Control (AVC) software for real-time Deep Information Package (DIP) analysis rather than random network package checks. This allows administrators to know the exact cause of network latency, where the problem is located, and whether it is in a server or an application, so that the problems can be fixed promptly.

High performance

The NNM software is a high-performance network management tool:

  • Rich in features – the software has several features for the FCAPS framework: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management and Security Management. Moreover, the NNM uses a rich interactive data visualization tool that compiles complicated information and displays it in easy-to-understand figures, charts and graphs for managers to gain better overall understanding of the network operation
  • High speed – the NNM software is capable of polling 300,000 interfaces in 5 minutes. This speed allows network managers to know the working status of equipment more quickly.
  • High reliability – NNM is the application of choice for Thailand’s leading Telco operators and internet service providers for managing large networks. It has also won awards on a regional level in Asia-Pacific.

    In addition, the software is scalable and able to handle future network expansion, and is suitable for disaster recovery (DR) operations.


NNM software features a proactive monitoring system that sends out alerts if parts of the network are working at over or under capacity. Real-time alerts are also issued when a problem occurs for network equipment errors, usage spikes and other irregularities.

Easy to manage

The NNM software is an agent-less software that makes installation easy. It features a web interface that is compatible with internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The NNM is a centralized management tool that can manage IP devices by a variety of vendors and on different technological platforms. The automatic scan and discovery function automatically updates equipment information when it detects a new device, which helps to minimize the workload of the network administrators significantly. The application operates on several platforms from PC to laptop, tablet and smart phone, giving administrators easy access to the network anytime, anywhere. There are also more than 400 types of reports and 40 dashboard settings to choose from.